Drive Me Home Fairfield, Connecticut

An affordable, safe solution when you're unable to drive

Drive Me Home Fairfield, Connecticut

An affordable, safe solution when you're unable to drive

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Drive Me Home Fairfield, Connecticut

Have you had a few too many drinks? How about a medical exam or procedure that prevents you from driving? Maybe you are just too tired to get behind the wheel? iDriveYourCar Fairfield’s drive me home service eliminates the worry and hassle of how to get home. Our innovative drive me home service is the simplest and most convenient way to get you and your car home, in the safest, most secure and discreet way. Our professional drivers will comes to you and drive you in the familiar comfort of your own car. Let us take the wheel while you sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.

We drive your car, so the experience is not only more comfortable and relaxing, it’s familiar and you stay in control. Want to have a cigarette during your ride? Fire it up. Want to bring your drink and have a toast on the way? No problem. It’s your car so you make the rules.

Fairfield, CT 06824

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How it works

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Set the time and place for your trip on the web or over the phone and we'll send the highest rated driver.

Your driver arrives

Five minutes before your pickup you'll receive a notification that your driver is right outside.

Be driven in your car

Enjoy the freedom of being driven in the comfort of your car by your own professional driver.

Drive Me Home Fairfield, Connecticut (CT)

Your car – your rules

Why would you pay to rent an SUV or luxury car when you already own one? Having your own personal chauffeur drive you in the comfort of your own car is more convenient and secure than taking a chance on a unprofessional driver service or chauffeur you don’t know, driving you in a cookie cutter Town Car or uncomfortable taxi. Break free from the crowd, be yourself, and escape the monotony of taxis and limos. Want to smoke on your trip? No problem. Need a snack? We’ve got you covered. It’s your car so you make the rules. You deserve the best drive my car service in Fairfield, Connecticut (CT) – iDriveYourCar’s professional chauffeurs serve you with a personal touch in your own car.

Don’t get stuck searching for a ride. Get where you are going safely, conveniently and cost effectively with our groundbreaking chauffeur service – we drive your car and save you money. Our personal driving service has the highest-rated personal chauffeurs, outstanding customer service and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. The next time you’re out and wonder, “Who can drive me home?” let one of our driving professionals become your personal driver and get you home or to your next destination conveniently and safely.

Only professional drivers

We match you with only the highest rated drivers. Every driver is selectively recruited, extensively screened and has demonstrated a consistent record of positive reviews and ratings from clients like you.

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